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Glin-ka Gng of D'Gaba Skyel Ba

Glin-ka Ging of D'Gaba Skyel Ba (Gingi)

Born december 11th 2007 at Marleen de Winter's place, 

D'Gaba Skyel Ba, Bilzen (Belgium)

    Mom: Zhinata D'Gaba Skyel Ba                         Dad: Hawi-Ma-Lou I'Little Stuart.Zhinata D'Gaba Skyel Ba            Hawi-Ma-Lou I'Little Stuart

As a puppy, Gingi was raised in a family home, Marleen's place. This was directly noticeable. The first day in her new environment began with a serenade. She was calling her mother, brothers and sisters (seemed more like singing). Right from the start when Gingi wanted to do her needs, she nicely sat down in front of the back door, as if she wanted to say “I need to do my thing outside and not inside, as I learned from Marleen”. She has become an intelligent, inquisitive and affectionate dog. Her first trip as a puppy, by car from Belgium, took over 2.5 hours and only one stop was sufficient. Now any distance is no problem for her. If she sees me taking out my camera, her hair brush bag and water bottle she is excited and ready to go. If I go outside without her, you hear a serenade behind the front door as if she wants to say “What about me?"

What is always amazing is when she sees Marleen. How enthusiastic Marleen is greeted by Gingi is super. Gingi as a puppy looked a lot like her grandmother Vincy (*
6-3-1998 - ° 6-2-2006 ) and as she grows older the similarity is incredible. As if Vincy was reborn. Just look at the pictures of Vincy on this link:

On Marleen’s site you will find pictures of Gingi (as a puppy), her brothers and sisters, ‘litters> Gnest’. In addition, of course, other litters and information about the Tibetan Terrier.

On a regular basis Gingi goes along with walks. Often this is a big, sometimes small, group of people and different breeds of dogs, which are connected with several dogforums, for instance . These walks take place in various areas in the Netherlands. Usually on Sundays. She is also a member (and family) of the Tibetan Terrier Club Netherlands (TTCN) and the Belgian Tibetan Terrier Club (BTTC). We try as much as possible to participate in their walks and the annual Club Matches. See under "Links" on the sites and other interesting links.

All in all, you see on Gingis site photo reports of walks and of club matches. Have fun.

"By just wagging its tail, a dog expresses more feelings than many people do by talking for hours"





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